X Prize idea: technology that can make invisible carbon emissions visible

xprize-visualize-carbon-emissionsWhat if we had a way to visualize in real-time the carbon dioxide emissions spewing out into our atmosphere, causing climate change? Once people could actually “see” the otherwise invisible carbon pollution — where it’s coming from, where it flows, and how much of it there is — the impact could be transformative. It could help galvanize society to take swifter, bolder action against global warming.

That’s the game-changing purpose of the FLIR camera, which is featured in the film Racing Extinction. By going further to make the technology more scalable, affordable, and easy to use by anyone, we could multiply its potential. A prize award, in the style of the ambitious X Prizes, could be the way to spur on the innovation.

For more information, see “New Camera Sees Invisible Greenhouse Gas,” Scientific American (2015); “Carbon – making the invisible visible,” EcoBusiness (2013); and Racing Extinction.