50% discount for Arabs & Jews dining together

One family-style restaurant in Israel is inviting Arabs and Jews to eat together there—and offering them a 50% discount on creamy hummus to entice them to sit at the same table.


Delicious hummus

Why not encourage eateries in America to try out the same basic concept?


Obviously, this is the not the grand solution to…anything, certainly not Middle East conflict. Co-existence cultural policies and traditions by themselves can’t resolve conflicts between peoples and communities. That said, they help chip away at tensions and lay the groundwork for broader reconciliation—and enjoying each other’s company over delicious food has to be one of the most benevolent ways we can encourage it.

For more information, see “Israeli Cafe Offers 50 Percent Off To Arabs And Jews Who Eat Together,” The Huffington Post (video included), and “The Israeli restaurant giving discounted hummus to Arabs and Jews who dine together,” The Washington Post.