Sign the pledge to save Santa Claus’s home at the North Pole

We all know Santa Claus and his elves live at the icy North Pole — but it won’t be for much longer. If the planet keeps heating up unabated, thanks to carbon pollution from people burning fossil fuels, all the ice at the North Pole could soon melt away into the ocean.

In fact, scientists are warning that we could face summers without Arctic sea ice by the middle of the 21st century, leaving Santa homeless and plunging his home and toy workshop into the warming waters. Of course, we can instead take action to counter the global warming and rescue Santa — as well as everyone else from the devastating effects of climate change on our lives, our homes, and our way of life.

That’s the call to action more adults could and should be hearing from their children: Save the North Pole For Santa Claus.

In raising that ingenious idea, Andrew Slack, a co-founder of the Harry Potter Alliance, notes what a wholesome and loving yet radical push it would be for saving ourselves and our home planet, including the North Pole, within the widespread celebration of Santa Claus every Christmas. After all, culture can and often does beat strategy.

Equipping and elevating children’s voices in the climate advocacy movement also represents an effective way for advocates to take an unabashedly moral and heartfelt stance in a debate often dominated by quantitative data and abstract analysis. And righteousness happens to be on the side of the climate advocates; to give just one example, 93% of Americans say there is a moral obligation to leave to future generations an Earth that’s not polluted or damaged.

In specific contexts, a campaign with an overarching message of rescuing Santa’s home at the North Pole easily lends itself to other advocacy efforts and tactics as well. Santa even associates bad behavior with lumps of coal!

One noteworthy organizing idea in particular, which Slack recommends, is to call on elected leaders to sign a pledge that they will protect Santa’s home on behalf of America’s children. Given the rapidly dwindling time remaining for the North Pole, it’s a good moment as any to launch this promising campaign.

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