Require companies to disclose their gender pay gaps, not just their CEO pay gaps

disclose-gender-pay-gapCompanies should be required to publicly disclose their gender pay gaps, just like the SEC is proposing that companies be required to publish their CEO-worker pay gaps.

The research literature shows that throughout the workforce, women are paid less for the same work — with the disparities worsening the higher up one goes on the compensation scale.

However, there’s little reliable, publicly available data on how particular employers are compensating their women employees relative to their male counterparts. Such transparency is rare. By requiring disclosure of this information, we can take an important first step towards calling out such companies, equipping people to advocate for reform, and actually changing the workplace to ensure women — and men — are paid fairly.

For more information, see “Let’s Expose the Gender Pay Gap,” The New York Times (2015); “Why Does Progress on Women’s Wages Seem to Be Stalling?” The Atlantic (2015); “The Gender Wage Gap Didn’t Budge Last Year,” ThinkProgress (2014).