Label Gas Pumps: “WARNING: Use of this fossil fuel contributes to climate change”

gas-pumps-warning-label-climate-changeGas pumps should come with warning labels, just like tobacco products. That’s the proposal under debate in the city of North Vancouver, Canada, and being pursued in the United States by climate change advocacy groups such as

Once implemented, the warning stickers would remind drivers each time they pull up to the local gas station that fueling their cars with gasoline contributes to industrial carbon pollution. The reminders could state, for example, “WARNING: Use of this fuel causes carbon pollution, which makes climate change worse.” By doing so, the gas pump labels would connect what can seem like an abstract problem—global warming—with our daily behaviors, plus concrete and bite-sized ways people can be part of the solution: burn less fossil fuels with their driving.

For more information, see “City Becomes The First In The World To Implement Climate Change Warning Stickers At Gas Stations,” ThinkProgress (2015).